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Hilaria & Alec Baldwin’s Daughter Wears Full Face of Makeup & Heels on Her Ninth Birthday

It’s Hilaria and Alec Baldwin’s daughter’s final year in the single digits, and she’s making the most of it! Carmen Baldwin, the happy mom’s 9-year-old daughter, is sporting a full face of makeup and heels in a recent Instagram image. Whoa!

Hilaria documented Carmen’s getting-ready process on Instagram, which involved plundering her mother’s wardrobe for some very tall and multicolored heels. Makeup was also included, and with a stance like this, we can guess the birthday girl was thrilled with her appearance!

It’s an enjoyable experience to get dressed up and go out to dinner for a special occasion as a kid  and it’s much more fun as a grownup. And it appears that Hilaria and Alec have allowed Carmen go all in this year, her last before she turns ten and enters the period of double digits.

She’s growing up so quickly!

Then, Hilaria posted a touching photo of herself cradling a much younger Carmen in 2016, noting that she couldn’t imagine her daughter turning 9.

The years fly quickly, and as Carmen is the oldest of Hilaria’s six kids (soon to be seven), we understand these occasions must be very touching for her.

Carmen is nine years old, but she has five younger siblings, two of them are under the age of two… and another baby is on the way!

As if Hilaria and Alec didn’t have enough on their plates already, their home is about to become much more chaotic, but they both appear to be relishing the task.

What’s not to enjoy about a beautiful meal with her parents, dressed up, and we’re sure there were presents and cake or some wonderful treat involved!

We can’t wait to see what this year has in store for Carmen as she reclaims her role as a big sister.

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