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Hilarious Emmy Speeches From Tim Conway & Harvey Korman.

Two comedy titans reminisced about some of their most memorable moments at one of Hollywood’s most prestigious award nights.

The Carol Burnett Show is still a cherished and renowned programme decades after it last aired on television. It was noted for its crazy and off-the-wall sketches, which generally resulted in the show’s skilled ensemble breaking character and doubling over with laughter.

Tim Conway and Harvey Korman were two of the cast members of The Carol Burnett Show. For their great work, Tim and Harvey won recognition from reviewers, audiences, and colleagues. They were also recognised with awards, including Emmys, for their hilarious efforts.

Tim and Harvey reminisced about particular and, naturally, humorous incidents from the annual awards ceremony in a YouTube video. The first occasion Tim describes is him delivering a speech after his great triumph. His speech, nonetheless, takes a completely unexpected turn and soon has the crowd laughing with amusement.

Tim, holding a telegram, warns the audience that he isn’t very good at thanking people. Rather than winging it, Tim arrived prepared and read from a piece of paper. It ends up being a hilarious promo for a putt-putt golf course.

The next event they remember warmly is Harvey winning an Emmy award over Tim. But, not wanting to be left out, Tim comes up to the platform with Harvey, leans on him, and looks up at him as if he were a sad, forlorn dog.

The footage concludes with both Tim and Harvey stepping on stage when their names are called. Both the presenter and the theatre audience are perplexed. Sadly, none of them will prevail. Chevy Chase, another humorous actor, was the major winner that night.

Tim and Harvey were legends in their own right. They have the ability and skills to transform a routine, banal, and boring situation into something hilarious!

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