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Hilary Swank, Who Is Pregnant With Twins At 48, Says She Thinks Women Are ‘Superheroes’

As a pregnant 48-year-old, Hilary Swank talked up about how magnificent she feels women’s bodies are.

When they are carrying a baby, many women discover how amazing their bodies are. That much is true for actress Hilary Swank, who is expecting her second child and was just nominated for a Golden Globe.

This week, Hilary appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden, where she discussed her blockbuster show, her twin pregnancy, and being nominated.

The Alaska Daily actress, 48, claims she is completely awestruck by women. According to her, women are superheroes to her.

Hilary is correct. Women’s bodies are amazing! A twin pregnancy at the age of 48 must be difficult to manage. Hilary, who recently turned 27 weeks pregnant, is obviously rocking it, and she’s thankful.

She suffered a lot of morning sickness for the first 16 weeks, she explained. She only wanted fruit.

Throughout her pregnancy, Hilary has been filming her successful show Alaska Daily. Take a look at what she says about being pregnant on set.

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