His Love For His Sister Will Bring You To Tears.

Story by Kristin Bowden

“3 year old Lula was diagnosed with Stage 2 Wilm’s, a rare kidney cancer, in March 2020. She has just completed round 11 of chemo. We knew it would take her hair, so we started preparing her by saying, ‘We may have to shave your hair really short!’ She’d reply with, ‘Let’s do it tonight!’

She didn’t let it phase her even when she started brushing out handfuls of hair daily. The night we decided it was time, her big brother Kohen didn’t blink an eye before saying, ‘I’m shaving mine too!’

He let his sister shave his off along with hers so she wouldn’t endure it alone. He is the best brother. So caring, kind and compassionate.

Lula got to shave his whole head and she couldn’t help but rub it and kiss his head when it was finished.

I’m so happy they have each other, through thick and thin! I am so proud of my babies.”

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