His Wife Hadn’t Eaten Food For Days And Was Living On The Streets.

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My husband I met in a hotel he went out and used his last few dollars he had to buy me a rodeo burger because I hadn’t eaten in days…. and was also on the streets…. 6months later I still couldn’t stop thinking about him every night and day always worried was he safe was he warm? Did he have a full tummy???? Something in me kept telling me don’t let him go! Don’t forget him! Don’t worry your prayers for an amazing man will be answered ❤️❤️❤️

In February this year I was dumped at the Stephen Center scared out of my mind and he offered to walk 2 hours just to see me I refused I could let him do it next thing I knew he texted me on was on the bus up to the library…. immediately I booked my way down to the bus almost like I hadn’t seen him in years and when we finally met up 1/21/2020 I confessed my love to him we started dating…. as I found out in the next few weeks his story was worse then I thought he was struggling with a drug addiction and a abusive ex who was severely abusing him and controlling him to the point all his own friends were walking away ignoring him… he was skin and bones his hair was falling out at 24!! He was always saying sorry and absolutely scared of everything and emotionally was drained from all the emotional abuse!

Now just after 5 months of dating he has a six pack, full head of fluffy hair, great personality, and a smile that lights the room!!! People judged him because he’s socially Autistic and he was a former addict…. but on the underside he was being abused in a relationship and needed desperate help which I became for him… but in reality he was my hero he stopped me from committing suicide and gave me a reason to believe in me…

we still have years of recovery ahead for the both of since we were both abused (me emotionally and physically and him domestic, emotional, physical) if I hadn’t stepped in he would have gone on to 5 years of abuse at the hands of psycho woman… he told me last night thank you for being the answer to my prayer the night I was in the ER alone because my ex never came I prayed for away out and when texted you were trying desperately to get there I hoped it was you…. and I am glad it was…. don’t judge a book by its cover…. you don’t know someone story just by how they look and never give up there is always better… never look at the ground there is more beautiful things in front of you!

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