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HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS: Demi Moore Reveals Rare Family Photos With Bruce Willis.

Demi Moore has provided a rare view inside her and ex-husband Bruce Willis’ family’s Christmas traditions.

Moore posted a family picture to Instagram on Tuesday.

They’re a FAMILY!! Getting into the Christmas mood! she penned this next to a photo of Willis, his wife, Emma Hemming Willis, and their kids.

Demi and Bruce’s kids — Rumer, 34, Scout, 31, and Tallulah, 28 — as well as Emma and Bruce’s daughters — Mabel, 10, and Evelyn, 8 — were in the Christmas photo.

Moore and Willis split in 2000, and the actor later married Emma.

In the first shot, he was carrying Tallulah’s dog, Pilaf, in front of a Christmas tree and a garland-wrapped staircase. Willis and Emma were seen holding hands at the dinner table in the second shot, while Moore was seen cuddling Tallulah, who was hugging Willis and her pooch in the third.

Tallulah’s dog and a Pomeranian were included in the final photograph as furry family members.

Tallulah seems to have uploaded a photo of herself on Instagram earlier this month of her pet making eyes with her dad as she posed next to Moore.

Moore, Willis, and Emma once again put on a united front in March, when they announced on their respective Instagram accounts that Willis would be retiring from acting due to aphasia, a disorder that impacts a person’s capacity to understand written and verbal language as well as their capacity to react.

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