Homeless Man Transforms His Life By His Hard Work.

Story by Mike Ellis

I met Norm when I lived in Florida. He was homeless and lived on the streets of Daytona Beach. We spent a lot of time together. He helped each winter during the homeless outreach at First United Methodist Church of Port Orange. Norm would make coffee and prepare food. He would not eat dinner until everyone else had a full plate of food.

As our friendship grew, I gave Norm a key to my apartment to do his laundry. When I would come home from work, Norm made dinner for me. He would hang out to watch the news and talk. I learned valuable lessons from Norm. I saw Norm help others who were struggling with homelessness. He would give them his coat, hat, tent, or sleeping bag.

Norm was a loyal friend. When I left Florida, I hoped we would stay in touch. Several years later, Norm is no longer homeless. He has become a Facebook friend to my bride, Dianah Brubaker Ellis. Almost every day, Norm sends us a message. Here is recent photo of Norm that he sent today. ❤️

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