Homeless Man Was Not Able To Save His Sister From Taking Her Life.

Source: Reddit

I begged, borrowed, and barely made it. I spent the good part of my 20’s living in the street or motels. I haven’t celebrated a single holiday because there just wasn’t anyway that I could. I’ve attempted to save and rebuild many times before the money ran out before housing could be secured.

Six times I’ve had to leave all my belongings and clothes behind. Nasty irreversible damage to my body due to simply not being able to afford hygiene products. Struggling between needing my cat with me because he was truly my only person I have in my life to thinking about having to surrender him to a shelter because I couldn’t provide him a safe space or food/litter.

Going months without having a shower and dealing with the humiliation of how bad I smelled and looked in public. Shame. Guilt that I wasn’t there for my sister before she took her own life and having numerous letters rejected because I had no address. Having my identification card expire without being able to renew it with proof of address. 114 months of stress and suffering. 114 months wasted. 114 months and as of this week I have my efficiency apartment! A HOME!!!! A full size fridge and stove that I hadn’t seen in so long and it might be empty for awhile but I have a dang fridge!!! —I made it!!!!

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