Homeless Man’s Response When This Kind Stranger Offered Him A Job Is Worth Reading.

“I’ve been asking for farm labor help this week. I’ve had a few projects going here at home and just needed a few extra hands to complete em. Fortunately my sons Caldon Cook and Dillon Cook came through for me and helped the last few days.

Yesterday, we had to go pick up some materials in town. So we stopped for lunch at the waffle house. As we were sitting there this guy walks up in the parking lot and sits down on the side walk. You could tell he was hitch hiking or just homeless. He was covered from the top of his head to his toes in tattoos, and weathered by the sun. There were a few folks inside and they began to talk. Look at this guy. What the hell is he doin? Etc. I looked out our window at him. I knocked on the window to get his attention. With hand gestures I ask, are you hungry? He nodded yes. I motioned for him to come inside. He did. I told him to order a meal. I would take care of the bill. He said are you sure. I said absolutely. He said ‘sir I appreciate it.’ I told the waitress give him what he wants. He sat at a table alone. His food arrived and before digging in as you may thought a hungry man would, he gave thanks to God for his meal. He then said to me, ‘I haven’t always been homeless. And i know i look strange to people with all these tattoos. Man I’ve been hunting a job but people take one look at me and say no way.’

I said, do you really wanna work? He said ‘yes sir i need to work.’ I said where are you staying? He said I’m sleeping on some church porches around here. I said well tomorrow I’m laying 10 pallets of sod. If you will be at this waffle house at 7:45 in the morning you can work with us. He said ‘I’ll be there.’ He said can i tell you something, I said sure. He said i have not eaten in a few days. And i kept asking the Lord what to do. He said the Lord told him to come sit there and wait. I paid for his meal and assured him i would see him in the morning.

Well sure enough Caldon Cook went and picked him up this morning. He said Mr. johnny I’ve never layed sod but I’ll work hard. I said all I ask is you be straight clean and respectful. He said I’m more than that. He worked all day with us laying sod. We went to lunch. He prayed again. We came back and finished the job. He worked his heart out and was proud of what we had accomplished. I paid him and took him to a local motel. Where he can stay the night and I’ll pick him up again tomorrow.

Everyone has a story. Maybe not the same as mine or yours. A man on a curb is not always looking for a handout sometimes they just need help up.

I’m certain my boys will always remember this.”

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