Honest Couple Returned Bag Full Of Money To Its Rightful Owner.

How would you like to be going to a college in a foreign country and realize you had just lost your entire life savings? Not a good feeling, I’m sure.

Well that’s exactly what happened to a young Vietnamese man who wanted to remain anonymous. He was attending a college in southern California, and one day he, his wife, and his young daughter stopped at a Christmas display in Long Beach for a photo.

He put down the diaper bag containing all of his family’s money and his family’s passports. When he and his family left the area, he forgot to pick up the bag. Later that day, another couple, Gabriel Ruiz and Gabriela Jauregui stopped at the same Christmas display for a photo. They both spotted the diaper bag sitting there and they took it… and they waited and waited and waited. And no one came by looking for it.

Finally, they took it home, opened it up and found a woman’s wallet with a large amount of money in it. The next day, they re-examined the bag and found a secret compartment. Inside THAT they found information about the bag’s owner, INCLUDING his phone number. When they called the number, they were soon speaking with a very ecstatic man. The man had been worrying about it all night long, after spending hours looking for it at the Christmas display.

Gabriel and Gabriela, of course, had already taken it after no one had shown up to claim it. But the next day, a short time after the phone call, they were handing over the diaper bag and all of its contents – including more than $5,000 – to its rightful owner.

Says the unidentified man: “Oh my God, I’m still shaking. You just saved my life. Can I have a hug please?”

So he got his bag back, he got all his money back. And a good hug was thrown in for good measure. 

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