Hooters waitress on customers’ creepy comments as men ask if she’s on menu

A Hooters waitress has spoken up about unwanted remarks she has received from males while working at the infamous cafe.

Leah Fennelly, 23, of Florida, has worked for the restaurant business for nearly six years. Since she was a child, the law student had wished to work for the corporation. So the brunette beauty was overjoyed when she obtained a job at the American cafe. Her job isn’t always simple, since she despises the strange remarks her customers make.

She has gotten the standard remarks like, ‘Are you on the menu?’ and, “I want my wings hot and bare like you.” She further added, “You name anything, I’ve heard it.”

She usually laughs it off, except if it’s particularly insulting. When she is mistreated, which is very unusual, she will request that management handle the problem.

Leah enjoys meeting new individuals every day while wearing a lovely uniform. Unfortunately, some customers believe her outfit invites unwelcome attention. Fortunately, Leah reports that most clients are “polite and courteous and pleasant.”

Leah wants to help dispel the stereotype of women who work at Hooters. She came out about the trolls and judgment that come with her profession to help with this.

Leah explained that the misperception individuals have about girls who work at Hooters is that they are unintelligent. It irritates her that she has heard it so many times.

She received her bachelor’s degree and is now in her second year of law school. At her store, they have a bartender with a master’s degree and a slew of gals pursuing nursing degrees.

Hooters girls are lovely and clever.

She will now compete in the Miss Hooters International Pageant, which takes place once a year to crown a girl who will represent the brand for the length of her rule.

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