Horse Starts Its Day With A Cup Of Tea Then Gets To Work.

Some people are just fussy and demanding. They have to have things their way or they won’t budge. But there are some animals that are the same way… and we’re not talking about spoiled cats here. No. The spotlight here is on a horse.

And if you’ve never thought a horse could be spoiled, you haven’t heard about Jake, a police horse in Liverpool, England. Jake works for the Merseyside Mounted Police in the town just northwest of London. And every start of the day, he refuses to budge until he has had his morning tea. That’s right, a cup of tea. But it’s not even just ANY tea.

Says a representative of the mounted unit: “Jake refuses to get out of bed until he is brought a warm cup of Tetley tea. Once he has drank this he is ready for the day.”

But even with that, Jake has to have his special beverage just so. He much prefers it with skim milk to cool it down and two cubes of sugar. The police unit posted a video of Jake enjoying his special drink, and many enjoyed watching it.

But spoiled as he may be, if this is all it takes to get a good day’s work out of him, then the police unit got a pretty good deal.

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