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‘Hot Mom’ Gets Angry At Parents’ Reaction As Video Goes Viral Of ‘Inappropriate’ Dress.

Vanesa Medina became famous when another parent from her son’s school recorded a video of her leaving him off. Medina is clad in a pink “playsuit” in the video, which leaves nothing to the imagination. The parent who reportedly shot the video did so after seeing Medina dress “unsuitably” on many occasions.

Vanesa Medina, a model and lawyer, was filmed this week on the school run at her child’s school in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The brief video, shot by another parent whose kid attends the school, shows Medina wearing a skin-tight playsuit. She may be seen stepping out of her vehicle and carrying her child’s luggage to the gate. The bold ensemble included a halter-necked top with a cut-out at the breast.

As Medina returns to her car, the woman filming the video remarks that the clothes are “unsuitable” in front of young kids. Medina had worn something revealing at the morning drop-off, according to the angry covert camera operator.

The video of the model, who had previously won a Miss Fitness contest in Bolivia, quickly went viral on social media, where fellow critics agreed with the cameraperson that it was not the right outfit. Barstool Sports, a sports website targeted at males, also chimed in on the “sexy mom,” claiming, Bolivia has its fair share of problems. To mention a few, rampant violent crime, weak human rights, and exploited child labor, before making jokes about the “sexy mom.”

You know what’s not a problem there? joked about the website. Getting fathers to drop their children off at school is precisely why, as the sports website noted, it linked to Vanesa Medina’s photos. From all the hardworking dads out there, keep doing you, Vanesita, Barstool Sports wrote. Haters may hate the nosebleeds. P.S. – Thoughts and prayers (as well as plenty of treatment) for this lady’s poor kid.

Despite the fact that others defended her, Medina was still furious over people who criticized her clothing choices and lambasted the video creator for exposing her 4-year-old son without knowing that is a crime. She stated that she wishes to express her thanks to everyone who sent messages of support, signs of affection, and appreciation, and who defended her on social media over that video that went viral with bad intentions against her that the mother took.

Medina was particularly concerned by the mother who shot the video, alleging she had “the desire to denigrate her, exposing herself with such contempt towards Medina. The Bolivian model continues to cast aspersions. Her plans did not go as well as she desired, Medina stated. She had the most awful motives for uploading it, exposing her, and referring to her like that. She is a fit mommy who works hard, and she takes care of her son with all the love in the world, and does not do anything bad to anyone.

The majority of people who criticized Vanesa Medina did it with kindness and good reason. There is a time and place for wearing revealing “playsuits.” No one can deny Medina works hard to stay in shape, and no one can deny her right to pursue a modeling profession. But in this crazy world of viral videos, where our children are exposed to adult themes far too young, a little modesty can go a long way. If you don’t want someone to speak about you, don’t give them anything to talk about – or be ready to take the criticism along with the accolades.

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