House Trained Pet BEE And Who Even Loves Cuddles.

In Inverness, Scotland, library assistant Fiona Presly was doing some gardening at her home one day when she spotted a bee that had no wings.

How odd. The bee was determined to be a buff-tailed queen bee that had been born without wings, and when Fiona put her hand down to the bee, it crawled right on it.

Thus, a friendship – a very unusual one – was born. She fittingly named her new friend, Bee.

Says Fiona: “We were both very comfortable with each other, and many people admired this bond. She was totally relaxed with me. People have a bond with their dog or cat and even their hamster. I think I’ve proved here that you can have a relationship with an insect.”

And it’s quite a bee-coming one, at that. 

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