How A Goose Sheltered A Lonely Puppy On A Cold Night.

It’s strange and unusual, but sometimes we hear stories about dogs helping cats with things… kinda taking them under their wing, so to speak. But it’s really rare when we hear a story about a goose caring for a puppy, and literally taking it under its wing. THIS is one such story.

Back in late January, a harsh cold hit North America. In Montana, a man was walking down a street and noticed that a goose was shivering in the cold next to a pole. He quickly discovered that the goose was stuck to that pole and it had its wings spread. Upon further inspection, that man discovered that there was a puppy under that goose’s wings, as it was trying desperately to shield the young animal from the bitter cold. That little puppy was nearly frozen to death when it was found by this man.

Apparently, the goose’s motherly instincts kicked in when it found the shivering puppy, so she made the decision to protect it as much as she could, just like she would for her own offspring. There was also a conflicting story indicating the story about the goose and puppy has been circulating since 2017 and its origins were somewhere in China.

This story about the goose and puppy made it to the Snopes website, where those who researched it wrote: “Although the back story behind these particular photographs may be unclear, it isn’t unprecedented for birds and dogs to strike up friendships. A pelican in Turkey named Osman became a bit of a local celebrity after befriending a dog.”

And beyond that, regardless of when and where they came from, these photos pretty much speak for themselves about one species of animals caring for another.

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