How His Dog Saved His Life During A Dangerous House Fire.

Just how smart are your animals? Any chance one of them might save your life someday? and here’s a story that can possibly answer those questions.

They say One picture is worth a thousand words. Well, this one certainly qualifies for that. Dog Sampson and his unidentified owner have an emotional reuniting recently at the Chico Animal Shelter in California after they were separated in a fire.

When a blaze broke out at the man’s home, he and Sampson were on the way out when Sampson abruptly changed the direction they were going and took the man another way. When the man looked back, he could see why. The two had almost run on top of downed power lines, which could have killed them both. Good Sampson!!

The North Valley Animal Disaster Group posted the photo of the man and his dog being reunited. Says one commenter to the post: “Pay attention to your dogs… they will always lead you to safety or give their lives to save yours.”

Another wrote: “…a 4-legged hero. Always pay attention to your furbabies, my dogs know when my bloodsugar is low & will get my husband; they’ve saved me many times.

And yet another wrote: “If only these beautiful animals could talk….. i bet there would be quite a lot of daring heroics to tell us.”

AMAZING SAMSON! Here Samson is reunited with his owner at the Chico Airport Animal Shelter. The incredible story is that…

Posted by North Valley Animal Disaster Group on Sunday, 18 November 2018

So if you’ve got a special animal, give them a big hug, and know that they care. 

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