How Stockard Channing and More Grease Stars Are Paying Tribute to Olivia Newton-John

Sandy Olsson, the iconic character from Grease, is still adored by the actors.

Those who worked with Olivia Newton-John are commemorating her life and legacy after she died on August 8 at the age of 73, according to a statement posted on her Instagram by her husband.

Although many will remember Olivia for her singing and acting, many who worked closely with her have demonstrated that she will be recognized for a variety of attributes other than her skill. Olivia’s personality will live on through Stockard Channing, who portrayed the feisty and sardonic Betty Rizzo.

She doesn’t think she has ever met a nicer person, Stockard said in an interview. Olivia was the epitome of summer—her sunniness, warmth, and elegance are the first things that spring to mind when she thinks of her. She shall miss her terribly.

That pleasant and vibrant spirit even made it through via an email. Love and Light, Olivia, said Barry Pearl, who portrayed Frenchy’s lover and was a member of the T-Birds Doody.

Barry remembers writing back to her last week, saying, “YOU, Liv, ARE the ‘love and light.'” Barry reflected on her legacy, saying, “And, simply….that is precisely what she now is…more than ever.”

Olivia “was just extremely wonderful,” Michael Tucci, who played T-Birds member Sonny, stated.

She was a gift to his family and himself, he said. She was wonderfully kind and kind to all she met. He is saddened for her family and for John Travolta.

After the death emerged, John, who portrayed Sandy’s love interest Danny Zuko, moved to Instagram to pay respect to his “dearest Olivia.”

Her influence was tremendous, he wrote. He adores her to pieces. They’ll see her later, and they’ll all be together again. Hers from the first time he saw her to the end of time. Her Danny and John!

Lorenzo Lamas, who portrayed Rydell’s football team captain Tom Chisum in Grease, also paid homage to the departed actress, saying she died “far too young.”

His heart is crushed, said Lorenzo in a statement. Olivia was a very unique individual. An encouragement to millions of people fighting this terrible disease with bravery and elegance.

Olivia has been diagnosed with cancer three times in her life. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992, the star became an advocate for breast cancer research. In 2008, she founded the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre.

While Olivia’s impact will go on to influence future generations, the person she was will not. Olivia was one of the sweetest, most kind individuals ever to grace the world, according to Dinah Manoff, who portrayed Marty Maraschino, one of the Pink Ladies.

She was one lucky Pink Lady to have spent time with her while filming Grease, Dinah said in a statement. She spread joy and happiness wherever she went.

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