How This Cat Adopted A Baby Monkey When His Mother Rejected Him.

Are you a cat owner? If your cat has had a litter, that motherly instinct kicks in pretty fast. And sometimes those cats will care for babies that are not their own.

In Russia, in mid-2016, a little baby monkey was completely abandoned by its mother at a zoo. Its mother refused to carry the little baby squirrel monkey on her back, which would basically be essential for it to survive in its first months of life.

So the director of the zoo, Tatyana Antropova, decided to try an experiment in an effort to save the boy monkey, which was named Fedor. She introduced the monkey to her cat, Rosinka, which has never had babies of her own. The experiment was a huge success… and the two animals bonded very quickly. Fedor would even get on Rosinka’s back and ride her like a horse.

After a few months, when Fedor was strong enough, it was returned to the zoo to live with his relatives.

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