How This Girl Found Out “The Weirdest Kid In School” Was Her Only TRUE FRIEND.

I was a new student and you caught my eye. You always seemed depressed. You were always alone. I wanted to say hi to someone who reminded me of myself in my younger years. I used to be alone, like you were.

You always were eating when I saw you. Not that I’m judging you for it. When you’re alone and lonely, sometimes you turn to food for comfort. I knew something was up with you.

Your energy, it was heavy. Something was weighing on you. You wore black all the time and carried an umbrella when it wasn’t raining.

We met early this year. You were sitting alone near your classroom and I came over.

You wore glasses that were a bit out of fashion and had a fairly patchy beard with acne on your face. You were around three hundred pounds and looked a bit scruffy. Your breath kind of stunk to be honest.

Despite of that, I thought you were cute as hell. You have a really handsome face. Despite being chunky and kind of scruffy, I saw that. A diamond in the rough. You have gorgeous eyes and great features. But you aren’t just one physically. Inside you are one too.

When I asked your name your voice broke. We talked, and you were quite intelligent. We shared the same hobbies and you were amazingly talented. The bell rang and I didn’t get your number even though I wanted to.

I’d always pass you and want to say hi but I didn’t want to seem weird.

My fake friends asked me who I liked and when they found out mocked me, called you fat, ugly, creepy and weird. They made it as if you, didn’t deserve love because of how you looked in their shallow eyes.

But months later, I finally mustered up the courage. I told you I liked you. We started dating shortly thereafter.

Now you’re not the same anymore. You’ve changed. You’re over 50 lbs lighter, don’t have the scruffy beard anymore, got some new clothes and don’t have the odd frames you once had.

When I got mobbed yesterday and people tried to gang up to beat me up, you protected me. You don’t let me out of your sight. You comfort me. You’re my shoulder to cry on.

You punched a wall and hurt your perfect hand that I love holding because you were mad that I was being targeted. You feel empathy that I haven’t seen in someone before.

You told me you’re on antidepressants and had clinical depression today. Baby, I could tell. You didn’t hide it too well no matter how much you said you were fine.

You said today that I’m the best thing that’s happened to you, and that I’m a one of the only things that genuinely makes you…..


Today when they were out to get me again, you held onto me close and protected me.

When people spread rumors about me, you don’t believe them. When my stalker sent you my nudes and said I only liked you because you’re easy, you didn’t believe them. When people talk sh*t about me, you stand up for me.

All of my girl friends left me when I started dating you. Said I was nasty and that it was wack. Mocked you for your weight. Mocked me for dating someone like you.

But you, boyfriend. The man I love. The moon to my stars. The yee to my haw.

You’re my only real friend.

People don’t appreciate you enough. People don’t tell you how great you are. They just see you as someone who makes beautiful things for others to see with his hands. I can’t put into words how much I love you. It’s a lot.

You love and accept me for who I am. Not solely as a sexual object or for what I look like, but for who I am. I love you.

For me, it was love at first sight.

I’d still love you just as much if you were still three hundred pounds, dorky glasses, patchy beard, acne and poorly fitting clothes and all. I’d still love you if you got hit by a car and messed up your face. You’re perfect to me. You always will be.

When all of my “friends” have left me, you have stayed on my side, unwavering, right there.

I know you’ve been through a lot and I could tell by looking at you when I first laid my eyes on you.

I love you. You’re the best.

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