How This Hero Dog Saved Her Mother’s Life.

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I am a carer for my mum (raptured brain aneurysm survivor) nan & pup Lacey who has the highest form of epilepsy and frequent seizures 💔

I had some errands to run and mum was feeling ok, so I left for a couple of hours this afternoon.

While I was gone mum had locked herself on the back deck. She was calling out to nan, but with her TV on and being on the otherside of the house, she didn’t hear her 😬

Lacey was in nan’s granny flat and kept walking back & forth between nan and the door that leads to our side of the house. Nan said she was putting her head in her lap, looking up at her and just seemed to be acting different then usual 🤔

Nan then heard something but thought it was the TV. With Laceys unusual behaviour and then turning the TV off, she realised mum was yelling for her 😔

Mum suffers PTSD and anxiety to say the least after what she has been through, so I can’t imagine what state she would’ve been in, if she had to wait until I got home hours later.

Lacey girl was definitely a HERO today 😁🙌❤👊

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