How This Lottery Winner Is Changing Lives & Promoting Good Deeds.

How would you like to win a lottery prize of $1,000 a week for life? That’s $52,000 a year just for breathing. That would be a nice payoff for anyone!

Rachel Lapierre of Montreal, Canada won that prize on a scratch-off ticket, and she could have bought a new home, a new car… practically ANYTHING. But the former Miss Quebec, who has tasted riches before, realized something… you don’t need money to be happy.

Says Rachel: “When you’re born, you’re born with nothing. And when you go, you’re going with nothing. But you’re going with memories of what you did here in life.”

Before winning the big prize, Rachel had traveled to Haiti and India to help others in need. She decided to give her money away to continue to help others, be it a bicycle, or food, or clothing. That way, she said, everybody is a winner.

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