How This Mom Sold Her Car For Her Son’s Dream. But Then He Did This 2 Yrs. Later.

When people do really nice things for you, you seldom forget it. Some even find ways to make it up to those who have done such nice things for them, and when sacrifices are made, some will definitely respond.

A young Ross Rothero-Bourge used to play in a band, and he would lug around his drum kit in a trailer pulled by his banged up car. It was the only way he could get it to his gigs. His mom, Lynette, worried about him… afraid that trailer would cause him to be in some bad accident. He was really in need of a van to tote around his music gear, but how could the family do that for him?

There was only one option, Lynette thought. She would have to sell her Ford StreetKa convertible… her dream car… to buy her son the van he needed. So she did. She loved that car, and it was a big sacrifice. But she loved her son a lot more. And now, with her son driving a van to his gigs, she could breathe easier.

Ross knew how much that car meant to his mom. Says Ross: “She cried when she parted with it and it absolutely ruined me. She had to share a car with my grandad after that. I always swore that when I could afford it, I’d make it up to my mom.”

Well, all that was 12 years ago. Ross is now a successful sound engineer. And he makes good money. So he started searching for an exact duplicate of the car his mom had given up so many years ago. And he found one…. same color and same year. It was perfect. Then, he drove it to her home in Cornwall, England. And when he presented it to her, Lynette broke down in tears.

Says Lynette: “I never thought I’d see my StreetKa again in a million years. I have the best son in the whole wide world.”

Adds Ross: “Lots of people have been saying what I’ve done is amazing, but it’s nothing compared to what my mom’s done for me over the years.” 

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