How This Young Man Is Raising His Nephew All By Himself.

Sometimes you have to go to great extents to prove yourself, and here’s a story where one man gave his all for his young nephew.

28-year-old Marcio Donaldson grew up in foster care, along with his sister. Marcio took a shot at something that few are able to do… he auditioned for American Idol, and made it through the Hollywood round.

But after his group performance, he was sent packing. At that time, his little baby nephew, Rashad, was being prepped for foster care, as his mother, Marcio’s sister, just could not take care of him. It was practically deja vu, because that was exactly the situation Marcio’s mom had with him and his sister… she just could not care for them and gave them up for foster care. The cycle was repeating.

So Marcio stepped up and took in his one-week-old nephew, saying with tears, “I didn’t want him to go through what I went through,” adding, “I had no idea what I was doing, but he’s actually a real gift…. it was the right decision, and he’s changed my life.”

So, yes, Marcio took him in, and the very next year, he again auditioned for American Idol. He wanted to make it through now more than ever. Says Marcio: “Now, he’s my son, and I wanna show him what a man can really do when you step up to the plate. I wanna give him a better life.”

When he auditioned, he brought little Rashad with him, and the judges were completely taken by the little guy. And Marcio performed for them the song “Jealous,” with plenty of heart-felt emotion.

When he was done, all of the judges said his phenomenal performance was done from the heart and was very real. And then they all voted Yes, to send him through with a Golden Ticket. Little Rashad probably could not have asked for a better role model… than his uncle Marcio. 

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