Husband Admits Keeping A Recording Device In The Bedroom When Wife Had A Girl’s Night In.

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This happened last week, I told my F26, husband M31, I was planning on having a girls night in at home and he initially was like “No not here…get a hotel or something” I said I couldn’t afford a hotel + no need for a hotel. He asked if he could join us if he’s going to allow it, but I said no, this isn’t how GNIs work. He eventually agreed to let me have it and even said he’d go out so my friends could be comfortable.

I invited the girls over and most of them had a lot of heavy venting to do, at some point things got a bit emotionally charged and there was crying, lots of it. After that we brought in the food and drinks, When I went to turn the TV on, I spotted a small device tucked on the side, I took a look and found that it was actually a voice recording device, I was in disbelief, I knew my husband put it in there to listen to our private talk which felt highly violating.

I didn’t hide it from the girls, I showed them the device, called my husband to get him to get home and confronted him right there infront of the girls. The girls were shocked and my husband denied after I flipped out and called him out, then said he was feeling curious to know about what we were talking about and wanted to make sure we weren’t “trash” talking him specifically. The event was cut short and the girls left.

I kept lashing out at him for ruining the night and possibly my relationship and trust with my friends, I said that not only did he violate my privacy but my friends’ as well. because they were talking about very personal stuff, He argued that it was no big deal, That I should’ve let him join us if we “had nothing to hide” and that this was ON THEM for opening up about private matters to begin with. He went on to talk about how I humiliated him to call him out infront of my friends, I told him they deserved to know who he really is after what he’s done. We argued some more and he went out again.

We’re in conflict till today and I feel like I made a mistake calling him out like that aside from how I felt about it. He claims that my friends will no longer respect him after that.

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