Husband Asks Her To Teach Him “How To Put In A Tampon.”

Marriage is a beautiful relationship when there is love and respect. Here is a sweet caring story of a wonderful couple. (Thanks Brooklyn for sharing this story with us through our page).

Source: Reddit

I just wanted to share how wonderful my husband is.

Him “can you teach me how to put IN a tampon”

Me – “You serious?”

Him – “yes”

Me – “why?”

Him – “because what if you are sick and you need it? Just like when we had COVID and you were very weak and couldn’t move. And I know pads are really uncomfortable for you.”

Me – (shocked face) “uhhhh, yea sure”

So i show him and guide him as he’s doing it and he’s like “that’s it? I didn’t “hurt you?” And I’m like “nope, good job” And then he’s like “thank you for showing me”

He is not perfect but he will move heaven and earth to take care of me!

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