Husband Faces Backlash for Going To Sleep After Wife Says She’s Been in a Car Accident

Source: Mumsnet

I had a car accident this evening, my first one and I’m a new driver. Someone drove into the back of my car at quite a high speed causing some damage and I banged my head on impact.

I was able to drive home. I called my husband from the side of the motorway to tell him and said I’d be home ASAP when I got home he was asleep.

When I got into bed he didn’t even ask if I was ok? Am I hurt? What happened? Nothing.

Am I Being Unreasonable to be hurt that he doesn’t care? I literally would have waited up until he got home to see he’s ok before I could go to sleep! Not drift off while he’s waiting on the hard shoulder?! Am I being dramatic or is that hurtful?

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