Husband Gets Angry When Wife Shames His Best Friend At The Bar. Internet Advised Her A Divorce.

Having friends is wonderful, but having friends that simply take advantage of you is not. In this scenario, a husband had a buddy who was always in need of money, and his wife was not comfortable with the thought of lending money all of the time. Read the story to find out what happened between the couple due to his acquaintance, and what you believe she should do.

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My husband has a friend Andy who can’t hold down a job and there’s always something wrong where he can’t afford his rent. Andy is always asking for money or a loan he doesn’t pay back. My husband gives in and gives it to him. I’m talking about thousands of dollars over the last few years my husband has “loaned” him. A few months ago I told my husband the next time he gives Andy money I’m gone.

My husband was doing good until Andy showed up at our door last night and told my husband everyone forgot his birthday. So they go out to drink. I do some snooping on Facebook and Andy’s birthday isn’t until next month and I screenshot a picture of my husband last year with him on Andy’s real birthday in-front of a Christmas tree.

I go to the bar and show everyone that it’s not Andy’s birthday and the room is dead silent. Andy said he put the wrong birthday on his Facebook account so I showed him the picture of him last year with the date posted of his real birthday. Andy said that was a mistake and everyone thinks the December date is right because it’s on his Facebook. I asked Andy to show everyone his drivers license and he said he forgot it. I asked the bartender if Andy could legally drink without proof of age and the bartender said no. Andy refused to show his license and left. My husband said I was being a b*tch for no reason but I reminded him that it’s the first day of the month and Andy always comes around looking for extra money.

We had an argument about Andy and once again. My husband stayed with a friend and I’m packing up my things because he acts like I’m the AH for coming to the bar and saying publicly what I did.

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