Husband Gives Wife A Birthday Cake Shaped Like Her Favorite Thing: A Giant Amazon Package.

Emily McGuire confesses to being an avid and “proud” Amazon customer. The photographer and mother of 3 tells that she gets two to three “beautiful brown Amazon parcels” a week and gets excited about each one. She’s even been known to conceal some from her hubby Waylon (called “Mac”), who is well aware of her buying habits.

Mac is so attentive that when Emily’s birthday approached one year, he had the ideal idea: he bought a customized cake from a bakery that was designed to appear just like one of her favourite Amazon parcels. Undoubtedly, it was a huge success.

The customised design looked exactly like one of her weekly shipments, complete with a unique delivery label and Amazon Prime tape!

The stunning cake was created by the creative crew at Sweet Dreams Bakery in Dunn, North Carolina – and it did an excellent job. It was truly perfect. Furthermore, “that was excellent!” Mac explains.

Emily said her reaction when she first saw the cake was “absolute joy.”

She realised her hubby ‘gets her’ at that time, she recalls. He most certainly does. And it appears that thousands of other ladies do as well. It must have made her feel utterly amazing to realise how well her spouse truly knows her.

Emily posted images of the cake online, which were rapidly picked up by famous Facebook sites and became viral.

When you order a lot from get an Amazon box cake. . . . #amazon #birthdaycake #i❤️amazon #hubbydidgood #photo #instagood #pictures #present

Posted by Emily McGuire Photography on Friday, 19 July 2019

It has already received almost 30,000 likes, as well as several shares and comments, many of which have come from other parents who also have a not-so-secret Amazon box addiction.

Emily acknowledges that the cake’s viral success surprised her.

“It’s been insane!” exclaims the military mom, who also owns Emily McGuire Photography. Still, it’s heartening to see how many others share her unrivalled affection for Amazon. We’re sure bakers have had a lot of requests for similar designs since photos of Emily’s cake went viral.

Mac deserves praise for hitting it out of the park with this cake! It is certainly one that will not be ignored.

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