Husband Had A Big Grin On His Face How This Cashier Dealt With His RUDE Wife.

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I’ve been working at a chain grocery store for almost two years and this happened June of 2019, but I only remembered yesterday talking to my mom about working as a Cashier. I thought this would be a funny story to share here.

At the time I was a full time Cashier and well liked by my coworkers and most customers. I am known at work for being goofy and I usually have a good story. I had dislocated my shoulder the first time at work but it wasn’t a full dislocation so I just tucked it in my apron and carried on 1 handed. (I am nearly as fast one handed as two). The next day I finished the job by reaching too far around something and it popped out, and I had to push it back in. After that it came out a few time and I just put it back. This became pretty normal so it isn’t nearly as painful now, but still not fun.

So this day I was on til, and warned my boss I dislocated it again at home and would have to be careful with it but I can still do my job. She knows me well enough that she isn’t all that worried about me. A lady and her husband put their things on the belt, one of which is a big box of chicken breasts that I knew I shouldn’t try to lift. I started ringing in their items and tried to make pleasant conversation. She was ignoring me and her husband was taking a phone call. I just continued thinking they were preoccupied. When I finally got to the box I said,


“I’m sorry Miss but I hurt my arm and can’t lift the box of Chicken breast. I’ve alrea…” She cut me off before I could finish.

“Just do you job!” She snapped. I tried to explain what had happened but she kept arguing. Apparently one of the other cashiers heard what was going on and called my boss down from the office.

She came to the til next to me and asked “Is there a problem here?”

“Yes your Cashier is refusing to do her job. Tell her to do her job, I’m not paying for her to be lazy and ask me to do her job” okay lady

My boss started talking about how she needs to not talk to her staff like that and she tried explaining why I can’t lift it. I turned to my boss and said “It’s fine, watch this.”

I turned back to the customer and smiled. I picked up the box in kind of a weird angle to make sure I dislocate it and put the box on the other side of the til. I looked her dead in the eye, rested my elbow on the register, lined it up, and put it back in with my other hand. It made a loud pop sound. She turned white and walked out of the store, I assume to vomit or hide, but her husband stayed. I didn’t even notice that he finished his call just before I lifted the box. He came over and asked if i was alright. I said I was fine and asked how he was paying with a big grin on my face. He paid and left smiling pretty big himself. I have a funny feeling this is a pretty regular occurrence for her.

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