Husband Is Asking Me To Sign On Papers Keeping My Eyes Blindfolded? What Should I Do?

Husband wife relationship is the most beautiful relationship in this universe. Every marriage has it’s ups and downs however when there is love, understanding, respect and communication there is no need to fear at all. Here the wife is a bit worried about a certain situation at home. Read the story and let us know if you think the wife is right with her decision.

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Eversince I got out of the hospital for chronic problems, My husband has been introducing me to some games every evening. One game used to be about doing things while my eyes are blindfolded. involving puzzles, ruby’s cube, shaped objects et cetra…. We’d take turns to do it just for entertainment.

Just a couple of days ago, he’s been trying to get me to sign papers while wearing a blind fold. I refused to do it because he never lets me take a look at what I’m signing neither before or after. He says that he was just trying to see if I could leave the same signature everytime I sign but I couldn’t help feel uncomfortable. I told him I don’t want to play this game unless and until he shows me the papers first, he said “nevermind then” and stopped bringing it up.

Last night, he tried to convince me to give it a try and even volunteered to go first, I asked if he was going to show me what I was going to sign and he made a face and said no, it’s the rules and I should respect them. I refused and he kept on about how I keep acting worried and suspicious for no reason. He said I clearly don’t trust him and he was hurt by finding that out now after everything we been through.

We had an argument and I told him to drop it and not bring it up again, period. He was mad despite saying it was no big deal, he was obviously upset with me and kept talking about how I don’t trust him and that I was out of line to assume or suspect anything from him like this. I might be paranoid but I couldn’t help it. I do think I was ta to him after he stood by my side when my own family didn’t even visit. 

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