Husband Says Wife Ruined Their Family Trip After Not Laughing About Mistress ‘Jokes’

Almost every relationship has jokes they tell each other that not all will appreciate. But sometimes one person believes something is merely a harmless “joke,” while the other person’s feelings are wounded. One lady recently stated that she and her husband disagree strongly about something he claims is a joke. The problem is complicated by a family tradition of adultery. Read the story and what are your views on this.

Source: Reddit

I found out after we were already married that it’s very common for the older generation of men in my husband’s family to keep mistresses as long as they’re discreet about it and don’t have any outside babies.

We went on vacation with my husband’s family, including his sister, cousins, and their spouses. My sister-in-law needed to get some new clothes because she was supposed to leave earlier than the rest of us but decided to stay. While we were shopping the shop assistant was flirting with my husband. His cousin “James” made jokes about adding her to my husband’s collection of girls in every country and how he always said a leopard never changes his spots and he knew marriage couldn’t stop my husband. My husband and his other male cousins thought it was the funniest thing ever. I didn’t find it so funny and neither did his sister, who told James to shut up.

In the evening we were supposed to go for dinner and my husband noticed I wasn’t getting ready, so he asked me to hurry up. I told him I didn’t want to go. We had an argument where he was saying James was just joking, I told him I didn’t find it funny, and he could take his mistress to dinner instead. He kept insisting he didn’t have a mistress and that James was just making a dumb joke and he was sorry for laughing but I refused to budge. In the end, none of the other girls went to dinner with them, we all ended up going somewhere together and wouldn’t let them come with us.

For the rest of the vacation my sister-in-law insisted we would treat it like a girls’ trip and the boys could do whatever they wanted without us. My husband was pissed at me for overreacting to a joke and ruining the family vacation, especially since James apologized too but things didn’t go back to normal.

Was I TA?

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