Husband Sells His Wife’s Antique Tea Set For $300, Justifying He Needed The Money For His Nephew, She Sells His Xbox To Buy It Back.

In a marriage love, trust, respect and communication is very important. Every marriage will have its ups and down however, communicating freely without being suppressed by your spouse’s anger is crucial. Here in this story the husband did something nice for his nephew but before doing so he should have discussed it with his wife which he didn’t. Read below and let us know what you think. 

Source: Reddit

Me F33 and my husband M31 have been struggling with money lately. I work at a hair salon while he works at a gas station, basically having minimum wages that barely pay rent and other expenses. We do not have any savings nor do we have the ability to save money. It’s been like this for years. 

Recently I found out that the antique tea set that my grandmother gifted me was gone. My husband admitted selling it for $300+ to be able to buy a gaming chair for his nephew who’s a recovering cancer patient. 

I didn’t take it well. I told him this tea set was important to me and I wasn’t willing to let it go that easily, now if he was selling it to pay off debts or rent then maybe but a gaming chair? 

No, not okay. He asked me allow him to explain and said that 

A. I don’t use this tea set like ever so it’s just sitting in the cabinet, 

B. His nephew has gone through so much and wanted a gaming chair badly and he promised to award him for defeating cancer. 

C. He said he will be giving me money to buy a better, modern tea set. But I refused to accept that it was gone and let go of it. 

I contacted the buyer and he told me I had to pay 450 to get it back which was unfair but since he was barely convinced to let me have it back then I needed to come up with the money. I sold the only thing my husband had that was worth money which was his Xbox. I got $400 and borrowed $50 dollars from my sister. 

I paid off the buyer and he brought back the tea set. My husband found out and went off asking how I could do this to him. I asked him to hear me out and then explained that I sold the Xbox since he was the one who gave away my antique tea set so he was responsible for getting it back. 

He said he promised to save money for me to get a better set but I insisted I wanted my grandmother’s tea set and nothing else even if it’s worth less because the sentimental value is worth a lot to me. 

He blew up calling me childish and that I should’ve sold his Xbox, the only thing keeping him entertained in these awful times. He’s started sulking ever since and kept reminding me that he was the one with the short end of the stick since I got my precious tea set back, the buyer earned $150, but he lost his Xbox forever. 

He’s refusing to talk to me, calling me evil with zero consideration for how depressed and upset he is feeling. Did I do the right thing to get back my antique tea set ?

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