Husband Stands On Flight For SIX HOURS So That Wife Can Sleep

Depending on one’s viewpoint, one may assess a person’s behaviour differently. A polite gesture from one guy may look unpleasant or silly to another, but it is hard to know what the other person really meant unless you get some explanation.

After a tweet about a guy on an aircraft caused controversy, Twitter users are in need of this explanation. Entrepreneur Courtney Lee Johnson posted a picture of a guy who chose to stand on the airplane for 6 hours while his wife sat across three seats. This man stood up the full six hours so his wife could sleep, he wrote as the caption. That’s love right there.

A middle-aged guy was pictured standing in the aisle and hanging onto the chairs to steady himself. On the other hand, his wife appeared to be sound asleep on the seat. The tweet quickly gained 16.3K likes and 3.6 retweets after becoming viral. Hundreds of commenters on the tweet, though, had differing opinions.

The users discussed whether or not it should be viewed as an act of selfishness or selflessness after attentively analyzing the image. Few agreed with the Johnson interpretation, but others quickly branded it poisonous and self-centered.

“My man cannot remain standing for even ten minutes. I would undoubtedly fall asleep on his laps, which would be much cozier. or sit comfortably in the chair. Why would you allow your boyfriend to remain still for six hours? “one lady tweeted while another added, “Not love, but rather theft. She only needed to lay her head on his lap. really inconsiderate”

Some, however, believed that if the lady was ill, it may be permissible. “Unless she is unwell and this is the only resting posture that will keep her alive under the given circumstances. If not, it is complete nonsense! “penned one.

Another person stated that if his wife were sick, he would do it for her. “His wife could be traveling to or from therapy. I’d do it without a doubt if it were my wife,” said the man.

Some went ahead and invented a back narrative using their imaginations. One amusing user said, “..maybe….. she put him out hahaha punishment for something he did before the flight.”

Another person remarked, “In reality: *man comes back from the bathroom and discovers wife asleep* Man: WTF, Seriously.” Others questioned if the message itself was genuine.

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