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Husband takes an ‘unflattering’ image of his wife sleeping while breastfeeding twins, which makes news.

There are small gestures that remind us how amazing parenthood is. To be honest, those small photos are never attractive, but they are Wonderful. The strength of a mother is most visible when she is dirty, smelly, and exhausted. Amy Griffith realized this after her husband took an unfavorable snapshot of her.

Amy Griffith is a twin parent who just went viral for a snapshot taken by her husband.

Things might be twice as difficult as a twin mom. It might be rather daunting to have twice as many diapers to change and twice as many mouths to feed!

Griffith described it as one of the most difficult times of her life.

Baby A was delivered through standard vaginal delivery, while Baby B was far more obstinate. Griffith was finally forced to have a c-section, therefore causing her to have two unique sorts of births back to back. Even after the delivery was finished, there was still a long way to go. Your body needs to work twice as hard to feed twins!

It’s simple math: double the milk! Griffith was healing from her c-section and delivery, as well as producing twice as much milk. Her body was working nonstop. She was completely fatigued throughout the first several weeks, to the point that words couldn’t even convey it.

At times, she felt exhausted and she was giving so much of herself, yet she was fully dedicated. She would put up with the long nights and bouts of mastitis in order to do what she believed was necessary. Tiredness didn’t even come close to describing how she felt in those early months.

Her spouse took the shot during one of these “sessions.”

Griffith is sitting straight up, nursing her infants, completely unvarnished and real. But she’s unconscious! She’s being a supermom and was so fatigued that she fell asleep while feeding her two tiny boys.

Nobody criticizes her for “sneaking a snooze,” she explains.

Any mother understands that any opportunity for a snooze is worthwhile. You go for it, even if it’s only for a few minutes! Griffith was so moved by the image that she wanted to start her own support group for other twin parents!

This “sleepy” post has drawn a lot of attention and has been shared all around the world! She is eternally thankful and has designed a twin membership program providing tailored support/community for mommies pregnant with twins, nursing twins, and those first few years of twin-mom-life, motivated by the queries she got.

Even when it’s difficult, every mother understands that it’s ALWAYS worth it. It’s twice as difficult but twice as gratifying when you have twins!

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