‘I am his mother, and I get to decide what people call him’: Karen sets up meeting with principal because she doesn’t like her son’s nickname at school

Source: Reddit

ASKING FOR A FRIEND: “I love my 7-year-old son’s name, “Andrew,” but I hate the nickname “Andy.” When we named him “Andrew” we agreed to only use the long version and never the nickname..

We moved over the summer, and somehow he has become “Andy” in his new school! …

I made an appointment with the teacher to discuss the situation. She apologized and said that she would call him Andrew. She said she would make one class announcement.

As you can imagine, this has been totally ineffective. All the kids are still calling him Andy. I made another appointment with the teacher, but she was not helpful. She said that Andrew never objects to being called Andy and sometimes even introduces himself as Andy.

To me, this is irrelevant. He is 7 years old, I am his mother, and I get to decide what people call him. She is not willing to correct the other students in the moment when they call him Andv. I would like to take this matter to the principal. My husband feels like I’m overreacting… If we don’t get this under control now, he will be “Andy” for the rest of his life!”

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