I believed that my spouse had constipation. He literally had a bottle in his butt.

There was definitely something up this guy’s butt.

After having a 7 and a half inch water bottle surgically removed from his rectum, a married Iranian man is making a full recovery.

The 50-year-old was brought to the hospital by his wife, who became worried when he quit eating and had gastrointestinal pain and constipation. After they arrived, the suspicious suppository was found.

Up until the point when a CT scan let the physicians in on his terrible secret, the man managed to conceal it well.

A report in the Clinical Case Reports Journal said that the guy chose not to admit that he had put the device there himself out of “shame” and “fear of his wife.”

According to the case study, he had put the bottle bottom first in order to use the top as a handle to draw it out.

The terrible thing, however, was unable to be removed when it was needed and became stuck in the man’s big intestine.

The bottle became trapped there for an unknown reason, however the Imam Khomeini Hospital in Sari’s medical staff did indicate that circumstances of this nature are typically motivated by sexual enjoyment. The Clinical Case Reports state that the guy also had a history of depression.

He underwent immediate surgery to get it removed. The bottle was carefully dragged out by surgeons without harming the intestine.

Three days later, the unhappy explorer was released and given a referral to a mental health facility.

One month later, the individual was allegedly back to normal and having no issues.

Such occurrences have reportedly been documented in men between the ages of 30 and 40 all around the world, as per medical experts. Light bulbs, bottles, truncheons, body spray cans, and turkey basters were among the other items taken from the anus, they claimed.

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