“I Called Out My Cat-Callers And It Turned Out Better Than I Thought”

Source: Reddit

I have been catcalled three times in the past three weeks, all at the exact same gas station. I usually stop there after work to get gas or some food, and I get off around 9:30 most nights. And by no means is this a shady gas station- it’s a pretty big chain in the Midwest and is on an upper middle class side of my town.

The first two times it happened it was grown men, who were extremely intimidating and I wouldn’t have even thought about going up to them. The second time the group of guys who catcalled me actually followed me to my car after I didn’t respond to them. You all know how gross and scary it is when this happens, especially when you’re young and alone at night. The third time it happened was yesterday. I was walking out of the store after paying for my gas and a group of teenage boys started yelling at me from their car. They made the usual remarks and some crude gestures, and I honestly don’t know where I got the courage, but I approached them. I was fed up.

Here’s how the conversation went:

Me- why do you think it’s okay to yell disgusting remarks at a girl from your car?

cue a chorus of, “we were joking, it’s just a joke, calm down”

Me- maybe it is just a joke to you. Maybe you think that you’re complimenting me. But it’s not a joke. It’s not funny, and it’s not a compliment. It’s scary. It’s disrespectful. Imagine if you were walking alone at night and a group of guys who could kick your a** started yelling at you. You would be scared. You guys are young, but you’re old enough to know better. Would you do this around your parents?

cue embarrassment and silence from the entire car

Me- I don’t need an apology and I don’t want to embarrass you, just don’t do this to other women. It’s really not cool. Okay, that’s all, I hope you guys have a good rest of your night.

I’m sure I didn’t sound as eloquent as I did writing this, but I still walked away feeling like a total badass. I have never done anything like that in my life. But they were young and I felt like if I didn’t say something, they would continue to pull that shit on other women. I hope that our little conversation had an impact on them. And I’m proud of myself for standing my ground.

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