“I Called The Police On My Friend’s Husband And The Backlash Is Bad.”

Source: Reddit

My friend has been in a DV relationship for years. She has consistently called me and sent me photos of her injuries throughout their whole relationship. I urged her to leave, would provide her with resources that she said she would look into, then a week later everything was fine between them. Last Monday, she called me saying she had to leave. I asked her what happened and she explained to me he had punched her in the stomach, face, head and then strangled her. When we got off the phone, I asked her to send me photos and they were horrific. The finger marks on her neck were so visible and her face was extremely swollen.

I told her to call the police but she said she was going to talk to an advocate instead. I spent the day ruminating about it, wondering what I should do. I talked to her later that evening and of course, everything was fine again and she wasn’t going to reach out for help. I hit MY breaking point. I called the police. I sent them the photos. He was arrested and charged with four felonies.

Now, I’m dealing with the backlash. She told me to die slowly, along with various other names. Her mother has even defended her husband and helped bail him out of jail and is speaking incredibly poorly about me. I might have to testify if he goes to trial, and I don’t know if I can do that. I’m terrified to face so many people that are so angry with me.

I know what I did was right. I know I potentially saved her life but this is so much worse than I could have imagined. And the worst part is, I was a domestic violence advocate for 7 years. Why am I regretting this so much? Any advice? Words of encouragement?

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