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‘I didn’t want to lose my friend,’ says a student who was seriously wounded while attempting to save a buddy from a bear attack.

Northwest College in Cody, Wyoming, was attended by Brady Lowry, Kendell Cummings, August Harrison, and Orrin Jackson. The four men maintained a strong friendship in addition to being college fellows and members of the Northwest College Wrestling Team.

On Saturday, October 15, 2022, they planned to go hiking on the South Fork of the Shoshone National Forest in quest of antlers.

Brady, from Cedar City, Utah, said the day was getting late, but he and his pals broke into groups to spend some more time hunting for antlers before returning back. But then he spotted a big bear emerge from the willows.

Brady claimed he shouted for his friend Cummings as soon as he saw the bear was getting closer. Soon after, the grizzly bear allegedly lunged at the Utah guy, biting his arm. But only for a short time.

Brady recounted Cummings went into action quickly after the animal grabbed him, attempting to distract the creature as best he could. Brady claims that when the animal refused to stop attacking, his courageous buddy kicked it, catching its hair and pushing it back with full power.

The Cedar City homeowner claimed that his friend’s attempts helped scare the animal away, only for it to circle around and follow Cummings. Cummings ended up attracting a more savage assault on himself while attempting to prevent his friend from getting mauled over by the enormous bear.

Cummings, of Evanston, Wyoming, claimed the bear ran away after assaulting him, and that’s when he started shouting for Brady. He was surprised to learn that the bear wasn’t finished with him and raced toward him again before disappearing.

By this point, the Wyoming resident claimed to have sustained multiple head and body wounds. But all he could think about was his buddy’s safety. However, Brady claimed he was worried sick about Cummings and made it up the hill to obtain cell service and dial 911.

Brady was finally reunited with his teammates, Harrison of Vernal, Utah, and Jackson of Kersey, Colorado. The three guys eventually discovered Cummings, who had supposedly been attacked by two bears.

The four wrestlers from Northwest College claimed they stayed together while rescue operations were underway. Brady was flown to a hospital in Wyoming, while Cummings was sent to a hospital in Billings, Montana. He eventually joined Cummings at the Montana hospital.

Brady stated to Cummings in the hospital that he is just thankful they still have each other.

As Brady chanted accolades for his brave friend, he expressed his deep belief that somebody else was watching out for him and his group- When he was under the bear, he covered his head and curled himself in a ball, and it could have killed him if it wanted to. Someone was keeping an eye on him and Kendell.

Dallas Lowry, Brady’s father, traveled to Montana to check on him and his buddies. He attributed his son’s survival to Cummings. He also stated that  Kendell is a true hero. Any sane individual would have fled, but the relationships formed in college athletics stay forever.

Nevertheless, Brady couldn’t stop wondering about what would have happened if Cummings hadn’t come to his aid. The wrestler from Utah stated that he and his teammates will be greatest friends for the rest of their lives.

Jim Zeigler, the teenagers’ wrestling coach, said he wasn’t shocked to see the young men supporting one other since it was the type of bond they formed while training.

When questioned why he felt the need to sacrifice his own life to save his friend from the bear’s paws, Cummings replied, he  didn’t want to let his pal down. He might have run and perhaps lost a buddy, or he could have gotten him off and saved him.

Brady praised his beloved friend for saving his life, saying that if it hadn’t been for Cummings, he would not have walked off that mountain alive. An online campaign was set up to help the wounded youngsters with their medical bills.

Brady’s father, Dallas, wrote a tearful Instagram post in which he praised God and Cummings for saving his son’s life. He stated, he believes God loves these guys, and thinks He had a role in their protection. The father appreciates the wrestling family and is pleased to be a part of it. Thank you, and God bless. Kendall, he is awesome!

Many netizens were moved by the story of the two college students and posted positive remarks on social media.

We pray to God that the two wrestlers bounce back and that their spirits continue to be strong forever. Without a question, “a friend in need is a friend indeed.”

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