‘I have seven kids under 3 – it takes ages just to get them out of the car’.

Mothers would concur that parenting a child, particularly when they are young, is a lot of effort.

So envision what your day would resemble bringing up seven children generally still in diapers.

Lena Young, a young lady, is the mother of nine children, seven of them are under the age of three. Particularly, five of her nine children are under the age of 15 months. Young just gave birth to quadruplets, with two boys being twins.

The stay-at-home mom received a lot of attention after she posted a video of herself and her multiple toddlers and babies.

Young explained how she unloads her seven children under the age of three from the car in the video, which has received over 6 million views on TikTok.

She first wraps herself in a baby wrap and prepares her big stroller with blankets. Young then gently unloads her four babies and sets them tenderly in the pram before strapping her older baby to her chest.

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Young and her crew of children were ready to take on Costco after two of her older boys hopped out of the van on their own.

Young and her grocery excursion wowed a lot of folks in the comments section. “The fact you’ve even made it out of the home is an encouragement!” said one commenter, who received over 44k likes. 

“I wouldn’t leave the house on my own, God bless,” said another.

“I have one child and I dread going to the grocery since it’s a ‘trouble,’ ugh,” another person said.

“I’m quite sure I’d have a nervous breakdown in the middle of Costco.”

“I lose my mind taking my 3 anywhere you’re fantastic!” said another.

Wow!!! Hats off to this mother.

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