“I Have To Remove My Brother From Life Support Today.”

Source: Reddit

26 days ago my brother was riding his motorcycle when he was run over, pinned under the car and dragged.

Initially we were told his brain was fine, despite the enormous damage to his body. 17 days ago his brain shut down. The hospital has ordered every brain test I’ve requested, as I’ve searched for any possible hope. The second opinion I sought from a different hospital gave a worse prognosis than the first.

He has children, who have never gone without a hug from their father. They are consumed with every emotion.

My heart is breaking. I feel like a third of it dying. The rest of it is just pouring out as I realize the unimaginable grief my father is dealing with. It’s almost like watching the story of Job unfold in front of my very eyes.

His wife of 52 years has Alzheimer’s. He has Parkinson’s which leaves his genius and deeply caring mind very much intact, but without confidence, because of his minimal ability to communicate. He’s lost both his brothers within two weeks, along with a cousin, and then he is told his oldest son is dying and there is no way to save him.

This man always reads his bible everyday. His prayers are probably on constant repeated loops. He raised 3 independent thinking children, each with such a strong faith.

Then I remember, that a single drop in an ocean causes a ripple that reaches all its shores. Im reminded with over 100 billion galaxy’s, the earth is the only planet perfectly placed from its sun; allowing it to sustain innumerable life.

So, I will raise a hallelujah.

I will pray and search the depths of my soul trying to find forgiveness for a driver with no insurance, a suspended license: and yet, decided he was capable of eating pizza and texting while driving.

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