“I keep finding my sister in my bedroom watching my husband sleep.” Coincidence.

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My f32 sister f30 has been visiting a lot lately, and spent time with me to talk about her issues with her husband. She visits around the time my husband takes his nap in the bedroom. She’d usually sit with me in the living room but when I excuse myself to go into the kitchen and make her tea or coffee, I’d later find her in the bedroom standing where my husband’s sleeping.

This happened twice before she’d just stand near him and when I asked her she told me she was looking for something. First time I believed her, the 2nd time I was hesitant but now that she did it for the 3rd time (which was yesterday) I just stopped believing this was coincidental. I couldn’t make sense of this even after I asked her she insisted she was looking for a charger, etc etc…. she sat down with me, drank her coffee then left shortly after.

Am I missing something.? My husband is asleep at the time obviously so he has no idea what’s going on. Oh by the way we’ve only been married for 5 months so my husband is still not used to my family and vice versa.

I’d appreciate some help to figure out what this is about and how to deal with it. Oh and it’s needs to be said that we’re normally on great terms.

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