“I Love Her Name But HATE It’s So Common Now”: Mom Asks If She’s Being Unreasonable For Wanting To Change Her 4-Year-Old’s Name.

It is a great duty to name your kid. It will become a part of their identity and will influence how others regard them. However, in this story a mother who wished to alter her 4-year-old daughter’s name since it wasn’t as unique as she desired. She understood there would be a bunch of girls with the same name in her daughter’s nursery class. She was upset since it was ‘so common now,’ and is asking for advice on whether or not to alter her kid’s name. Scroll down to read the mother’s complete message. Please express your opinions on this.

Source: Reddit

My daughter is 4 years old and I gave her a name which, I thought, was very original as I hadn’t heard another girl called it in about 20 years. Only to find when she started nursery another girl called the same but spelt differently. Daughter is due to start full time education in September and there will be 2 other girls with the same name so 3 in the class including my daughter. Now there’s another in another DC’s class.

Totally hacked off and really upset by this. Maybe an over reaction but in the 1970’s I was one of 5 named the same in my class and vowed never to have my DC’s live with the same. Now history is being repeated.

Am I being unreasonable  to change my DD’s name before September? I love her name but HATE it’s so common now.

UPDATE with additional info- 

Daughter’s name is Esmée and I’ve lived through this. I can remember my whole junior/secondary school time being coloured by the fact that so many of us had the same name. I changed it as soon as I could because of that reason. Every time I hear my real name I shudder.

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