I married my ex’s dad: Everyone hates me, but it’s the best sex I ever had

Sydney Dean, 27, from Ohio asserts that she’s isolated her peers after getting married with Paul, who is a truck driver and happens to be her ex-boyfriend’s dad. She said that she’s having the best sex of her life regardless of him being 24 years elder than her.

Dean initially comes across her future sugar daddy when she was in sixth grade while visiting Paul’s son, who was her partner at the time. Even after they parted ways, they continued to be friends all through middle school and Dean used to regularly hang out with her ex-partner over the weekends and post school hours.

A split came after Paul’s son got a lover and as a result of which, Dean gradually started chit-chat to his dad to avoid being an unwanted third person. There onwards, a short-lived love soon thrived and the two lovebirds underway dating when Dean was 16.  

She said that she not ever imagined falling in love with Paul but she is glad that it happened and she later tied the knot in 2016 with her senior lover. She added that Paul is the best hubby she could have asked for and he treats her so well.

Regardless of the large age gap, Dean claims that she’s having the best sex of her life, though she confesses that Paul is the lone person she’s ever been close with.

Dean and Paul’s relationship didn’t go well with many of Dean’s friends. One of her friends would never want to come hang out or even talk to her at all if Paul was around.

The couple also had to spend years to make others understand that their bond was real. Luckily, while Dean’s mother was firstly put off by their age difference but she ultimately change her mind and accept their relationship. Dean claimed that her mother is fully supportive of them and loves Paul.

Dean’s dad also didn’t like the idea as he never saw her senior spouse because he lives out of state, but now he doesn’t mind their age gap and he also came in their support.

Possibly the utmost shocking response came from Paul’s youngest son, Dean’s ex-boyfriend, who at first didn’t like the idea of his ex-girlfriend dating his father but now entirely supports their association. He now comes over with his girlfriend and kids every other weekend just to hang out with them.

Eventually, Dean hopes that her decision to marry Paul will help remove the shame around get married outside one’s age group.

Dean said that she hope folks would recognize that duos with an age gap can truthfully love and care for one another. She added that there are a lot of bad conventions about age gap associations, but that doesn’t mean couples can’t be in it for the true reasons.

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