‘I moved my 9yo son to a new school after no one showed up to his birthday’

Kym realized no one was attending her son’s ninth birthday celebration after waiting for more than 45 minutes in a hall loaded with food and decorations.

The 34-week pregnant Adelaide mother-of-three instantly began texting as many parents as she could, enquiring as to why their kids weren’t present.

According to the few who did respond, the majority didn’t react, however the few messages she got were that another child (who had been RSVP’d) had a party planned for the same day, so they opted to go to that party rather, she stated.

She was furious that no one arrived. Some parents can be quite cruel, she sobbed.

The fact that Kym had begun organizing her son’s party six weeks ago contributed to her rage.

Mid-May was her son’s birthday, so Kym had the invites prepared in early April. They were sent to 24 kids at soccer and school, and 18 people RSVP’d that they would attend.

After the guest list was organized, Kym started planning the celebration. All her son desired was to share junk food with his guests; he wasn’t interested in a specific theme or activity.

In an effort to fulfill her son’s wishes, Kym rented a sizable neighborhood hall, purchased a mountain of sausage rolls, pizza, pies, chips, and lollipops, as well as a lavish cake.

She spent approximately $600 in all, $200 on food, $180 on the venue, $100 on decorations, and $80 on tables and chairs.

Kym was naturally furious that she had spent so much money on nothing, particularly because she was going to deliver another kid, when no one turned up to the party.

Her kid, who she claims didn’t really express any feeling at the moment when no one showed up, also shattered her heart.

But it’s evident that the experience has had an impact on him since Kym says that her son, who is now 14 years old, has given up on birthday celebrations and no longer wants one.

She says he just doesn’t see the point if no one is going to arrive.

The next week, she transferred him to a different school, and as a result, he lost interest in playing soccer.

He was glad to switch schools since he believed he had no pals.

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