‘I put chocolate spread on my baby’s dummy to keep her quiet – other mums slam me’

Other parents have criticised a mother after she revealed she puts chocolate spread on her baby’s pacifier to keep her calm.

Georgia turned to TikTok to broadcast a video she stated put her in the spotlight “”All these great parents out here, giving their children only unprocessed meals,” she wrote.

“Sugar is not permitted until they are 524 months old.

“And there’s me.”

@georgiajennifer #shitmumclub ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

She then demonstrated dipping her finger into a container of Crunchie chocolate spread and spreading it on her daughter’s dummy.

She continued she was trying to wash her hands when her baby started whining! She loves it! 

People in the comments section, however, were not shy in criticising her parenting.

“Yuck, that’s terrible parenting,” one person said.

“That’s nasty,” said another.

“Of course she likes it,” a third said.

“Just because it’s easy for you doesn’t mean it’s healthy for her.”

“You keep talking about teeth and not her LIVER,” another person said.

“There are a lot of other things you can find, girl.” You just have to try.”

“My friend tried this with honey and her daughter’s teeth were damaged. They came through with the enamel gone in parts,” remarked another.

“No, no, no!!”

“Exposure of their very sensitive and undeveloped stomachs to highly processed meals will most definitely produce gastrointestinal difficulties in the future,” another person commented.

“Have you ever done a jumperoo?”

Georgia responded, saying that she had been required to do the washing up all day and there was nothing wrong with her, she had just taken a bottle, been changed, and had play time.

She didn’t have any mumma tools left. So she silenced her for 20 minutes so she could finish her bottles and the laundry.

In reply to another comment, she added, with three children and a mental health issue, a small amount of chocolate spread keeps her baby entertained for 15 to 20 minutes, allowing her to complete the tasks. It’s preferable to her losing her desire for life since she can’t accomplish everything at once. It won’t ruin her teeth, which are at present non-existent.

Other parents acknowledged using similar methods to quiet their babies.

One mother remarked, “My child used to dip his dummy in my mum’s gin & tonic.”

“Keep him content and quiet, haha.”

“My one year old has sips of my coffee. He will get his dummy and put it in my coffee. Whenever he sees it he will stand there until he gets some,” said another.

Somebody else remarked, “My little 11 months adores her dummy dipped in a white wine spritzer, might have to try this one.”

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