I slept with my date for the first time and he dumped me because of my body

Sleeping with somebody for the first time is a very intimate moment since you are permitting them to see you at your most vulnerable. Unfortunately, one lady was truly body-shamed because of how she decided to groom herself.

An unidentified lady resorted to social media to criticize the man she was seeing for criticizing her physique. He texted her saying that this isn’t going to work. He continued saying that she is attractive and witty, but seeing her hairy armpits isn’t his thing; it’s just his personal choice.

She lashed back so he himself having armpits is acceptable, but not her, a lady who also has hair there?

He simply replied that it’s his opinion. But she was not having it.

The woman then smacks him, saying that however he has a d&%k shaped like a croissant, which isn’t her preference, but she realizes that he can’t help. 

The man was startled by her remark and merely stated that he was being honest with her before calling her a “b%*&h.”

Following her video, many women supported her and felt that his explanations were purely sexist.

“The point is that his preference is based on misogyny,” one commenter commented.

“Dodged a bullet, girl, that’s middle school enthusiasm,” said another.

“He was obviously seeking a reason to split up like it’s such a trivial thing to leave someone over,” said a third.

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