“I Told My Sister That Husband Would Take Her More Seriously If She Didn’t Dressed Like She Did”

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My (26F) sister Anna (24F) married my friend Lance (27M), he was the cool guy in our friend group, handsome, misterious, smart, quiet. I don’t know how he ended up with my sister, she’s the total opposite, loud, funny, outgoing. She’s beautiful tho, really beautiful, and when they got together everyone said how good they looked.

Anna seemed to be really in love with him ALL THE TIME, she used to say how dreamy he was, how good he treated her and how spoiled she felt, but Lance was always so stern and quiet, she would revolve around him at family gatherings but he wouldn’t engage that much with everyone but me and her. I was surprised when he asked her to marry him. My sister never took the wifey role too serious, she had a non-traditional wedding and Lance when along with it, she made a bunch of rules that he agreed to and then they moved to his house. Anna banned house utensils from the wedding gift list, she doesn’t work, didn’t finish her studies and they don’t plan on having kids.

My sister is pretty much only into her looks (And I didn’t think Lance cared for that before), she’s always on Snapchat or Instagram, I thought that after getting married she would dress more appropriate since she used to use crop tops, blouses, dresses and shirts that showed her cleavage, short skirts or tight jean, but she says that Lance likes her just fine.

Last week was my dad’s birthday and we had a party, my sister and Lance came and she was wearing a pretty short floral dress, nonetheless most of the men were looking at her including my dad’s friends, Lance was as stoic as always and my sister came to my mom and I and saying that she didn’t know why he was so quiet since he’s not like that (HE is like that wtf) so I told her that if she didn’t dressed like that he might take her more seriously.

She got sad and sat quietly the rest of the night and I didn’t think much of that, but a few days ago Lance texted me and said that he would appreciate it if I didn’t comment on her wife’s way of dressing again. ???


Did I go too far here? Does Lance have a valid point or not? Please don’t be afraid to criticize. Thank you for your time in advance.

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