“I Used To Hate Doing Laundry Until About A Year Ago When I Had An Amazing Lady Give Me Some Great Advice!”

Story by Leah Whitton

I used to hate doing laundry until about a year ago when I had an amazing lady give me some great advice!

I now LOVE doing laundry- especially matching socks together!! 😱

Why?? Because I now have turned it into a prayer time for my children and my husband.

When I reach for one of my children’s socks, I find the mate and put the two together. I then pray over my child and their future mate. ❤️🙌🏻 I take time to pray a protection around them, that their love would be strong for God and for each other, and that they would always honor God by putting Him first.

Sometimes I don’t find the matching mate and those go into the “not matched” stack. I like to think of those as the mate my child could have been with but because of prayers- they will be matched with the right one. 🙏🏼🙌🏻

Then, I match my husbands socks and I pray over him. I know he does a lot in these socks and his load is heavy at times. I pray that God would bless and lead his steps as He follows after God.

I’m crazy enough to believe that prayer works and I’m crazy enough to think folding laundry and praying can bring about crazy blessings!!

So, what are you waiting for… Go get some laundry and start praying. I believe you will start seeing amazing things for your children and spouse!

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