‘I Wasn’t Going To Let Mr. Depp Get Hit Anymore’: Security Guard Testifies Seeing Depp ‘Get Punched,’ ‘Spit At,’ By Heard.

On Monday, Travis McGivern, Depp’s safety guard give evidence that he had to take away Depp from a situation because Amber was physically striking him. She supposedly hit him in the face in the course of the instance, tried to spit on him and flung a container of Red Bull at Depp. 

Travis, who has worked for Depp for a number of years, affirmed that he seen that Depp’s ex-wife throws a Red Bull canister that hit him in the back. The security guard further added that then he moved nearer to Depp as he did not want his customer to get hit with whatever else. 

Travis testified that the verbal assault continued from both of them and Amber flung something else but he was able to whack it away so it didn’t hit Depp. He added that at one point, she spit at him. 

The security guard said Depp contributed likewise in the verbal arguments. Travis further said that after Amber and her sister left the range, Depp flung down almost certainly every shelf of dress from Amber’s closet. He further added that when the sisters came back to where Depp was, Travis marched in between Amber and Depp just seconds before she supposedly hit Depp. 

The security guard further said that he took Depp away from the scene as Travis wasn’t going to let him get hit anymore. Travis felt like it was his turn to protect his client and perform his duties. Travis also testified in the course of Depp’s defamation case in July 2020 in London. 

As per the reports, community outlook appears to be spinning against Amber from the time when Depp and other witnesses have been appearing this month in the denouncement case. It is also said that Amber dismissed her public relations team last week. 

An expert said that that the timing of the dismissal is strange. He further added that it is surely strange to change to bring a new team right before the defence goes. According to the expert, maybe things will recover for them or maybe they won’t. 

It is evident that there’s been a crowd of Depp supporters occupying the courtroom or just waiting outside with compassionate symbols and looking to get photographed or to get a sight of Depp. 

It appears that nearly all of them are there to support for Depp. It is been seen that queue to go into the courthouse initiates even before the sunrise. All through the day, people seem carrying signs, wearing fan costumes and even walking with a pair of alpacas. 

Amber, on the other hand, is being opposed by “Aquaman” admirers and an appeal asking to omit her from “Aquaman 2” has gathered more than 2 million signatures.

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